November 09, 2012

Quick Peek: Clinique Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy

It's no secret that I love Clinique's Chubby Sticks, and going by a Clinique counter this week, I came across 8 new shades!

(I'm not sure when exactly they finally arrived here in Malaysia, but it must have been only recently. They now cost RM58 each, up from RM50 previously. Dang.)

After swatching a few, I decided to go for Curvy Candy, a really pretty pink that feels just so spring-y and summery.

It doesn't look it in the swatch, but this one's rather sheer, so best apply it directly to the lips (before lipbalm, if you must), and pile it on.

Swatched here: Curvy Candy (right) compared with Super Strawberry (left). The Super Strawberry swatches just a touch deeper.

But it is pretty, no?


seraphicgirl1986 said...

looks like a lovely shade; would love for you to show me how the color looks on the lips. I have been using chubby sticks by VC's beauty rush. Have you used thosE?

Follow each other?

Askmewhats said...

I have Super Strawberry and have been using it for awhile...I also have Curvy Candy but haven't really used it as I think the color would look light on me! We'll see we'll see :D

ksuan said...

Nergh so pretty! Don't enable, Syen. Don't enableeeee

Syen said...

seraphicgirl1986: Nope, haven't tried those. We'll see if I get around to taking an FOTD. Thanks for commenting!

Nikki: Yeah, I think it might be a little light. Have you tried them directly on without lipbalm? The colour comes out better.

ksuan: B.. but but... I AM an enabler! *MUAHAHAHHAHAAH*

Kahani said...

I can feel my resolution slipping am so caving and buying these even though I have SO MANY tinted lipbalms. Btw, Cathay's inflight shopping has 3 Chubby Sticks in MEga Melon, Super Strawberry and one other for HKD400. Worth it?

Syen said...

Kahani: For about RM150, yes it sounds like a good buy! Since they cost almost RM60 each now. =)