March 26, 2012

Even more taupe madness: : L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronze Taupe (US)

Syen and I don't see eye to eye on many beauty points. She loves vanilla, hates citrus (reverse it for me), she prefers warm shades, I prefer cool. I like gel cleansers, she goes for cream, I'm addicted to mascaras and my eyelash curler, she isn't. The list goes on and on. 

But a madness we absolutely share is one for taupe. 

I point to this post though as proof that I probably started it (hint, read "Nudge Nudge"). 

Or we discovered it on our own... alsoa  possibility. 

Anyway back on topic. I so loved the formula for L'Oreal Infallible in Endless Chocolate that when Syen told me of a taupe shade in the US, I lost my mind and ebayed it. Well, not immediately, only after I'd checked out the stores here... for months.. and found that neither it, nor its Asian counterpart, Sahara Treasure was available in Hong Kong. Sahara Treasure is available in Singapore though, if you can find it. 

So I picked this up on ebay for about USD8 including shipping. 

Verdict? Totally worth it. It's a gorgeous Taupe shade, beautifully neutral with a 3D-like shimmer that adds depth but not enough to make it look metallic. It really resembles Shu Uemura's ME850 (another famous taupe shade) but in a wonderful cream-to-shadow formula. 

Here's my rather lousy swatch. Sorry, I just can't get this part right. 

From what I've heard, Bronzed Taupe is a deeper less gold version of Safari Treasure, so it's one cool girls may want to make the extra effort to get.

Since the weather's turned warmer I find that these shadows don't last as long on me anymore. If I get especially oily they do crease and wear away, so now I use it over a primer (MAC paint pot in Painterly) and it lasts all day. 

I know many girls like using their fingers for these but I still use my regular non-synthetic brushes. It works great, gives me control and I can apply it heavily in the crease and sheer it out. It's a shade you can wear on its own but I like to pair it with a highlighter on my inner-eye corners and browbone. 

I think this will last me a long time since it doens't dry out like cream shadows. But I do hope they launch a nice taupe shade in Asia. Just to have on hand, y'know? 


Annette said...

Um... Kahani, the pics are not loading for me. Could you please look into it?

Kahani said...

That's odd Annette.. they look fine to me. What browser are you using?

Syen said...


AskMeWhats said...

wow...I have heard nothing but positive reviews on these!!! INTRIGUED!!!!

Annette said...

Huh. It loads fine now. Maybe there was a glitch on net speed. FYI, I use Chrome.

Sorry about that!

Kahani said...

No worries Annette, it happens. Am actually glad you care! ^_^