August 09, 2008

Makeup Haul from Hong Kong ~

So you've seen what Hong Kong is like. Now let's take a look at what I got there! =)

It's not as much as what I'd have liked to haul home, but due to the fact that I have a budget to stick to (darnit), I'm quite happy with these babies.

First stop, NARS.

I sooo couldn't wait to get my hands on Nars in Hong Kong as it's not available here in Malaysia at all. Boo. I really wanted to get my hands on the Nars Fall collection which is really gorgeous and has some shades which I can tell are going to be HUGE. Click here to check out swatches by Christine from 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic.

The Dolce Vita blush, for example. And the Senorita lipstick. I'm somewhat torn between Cordura and Isolde, however.

But alas, as fate would have it, it won't be out until mid August, and I'm already back home here. So this is all I came home with from Nars.

(I had been mulling over whether to get Orgasm or Deep Throat. After consulting the great cosmetics online guru aka MUA, I decided on Deep Throat. Nars Deep Throat - MINE, at last!)

(Dolce Vita (left) and Sexual Healing (right) lipsticks. Gosh, what a name, Sexual Healing. LOL. It certainly healed my broken heart though (darn, I'm still sore over Nars Fall). The fiance gave me compliments on it. =D

Price wise, I can't remember what the individual items cost, but in total they were HKD660, which is about RM277. Pricier than what it should cost in the US, but heck, I'm not going to the States any time soon, am I? And no, it CANNOT wait.

Next stop, MAC.

Okay, okay... I know you're probably thinking, "Can't she get MAC in Malaysia?" But ladies, it's sooo much cheaper in Hong Kong! I haven't had time to hit the malls here and check if Sonic Chic and Electroflash are out, and but from what I've seen in HK, these babies were practically swept off the shelves!

(From left: Nuance, Dainty and Gentle)

Also, I managed to catch the suggested retail price for a Sonic Chic blush here, and it's RM85. Over in HK, it's HKD165 each, which converts to about RM70. Need I explain further? Hence I got Dainty (very Orgasm-like. The one from Nars!), Nuance (very peachy, very pretty) and Gentle (Raspberry with gold pearl).

I also got Fresh Green Mix from the Electroflash collection, and it retailed for HKD150 (~RM63). Suggested retail price in Malaysia is RM70. I really wanted to get Sea & Sky too, but alas, it was sold out.

A good place to check out makeup in Kowloon, if you don't have much time to go around all the malls in Hong Kong, is Langham Place. I found Nars, MAC, Smashbox and almost every other brand you can think of there.

Also, Sasa and Bonjour abound in Hong Kong. Almost every street has a few outlets, so never fear if these places are where you want to go. I browsed their aisles, but nothing really caught my eye, so no, I didn't get anything from them.

So, what 'cha think? =)


Tine said...

Great haul, and gorgeous pictures from your trip! Never been to HK, wanna go some day :)

PS: I want me the NARS Deep Throat too!!

Askmewhats said...

You hauled smartly! I would buy MAC in HK as it is cheaper there too! Aaaww looks like a very meaningful trip and hauls! thanks for sharing

kahani said...

Tine: Help me kick her into doing a dupe comparison between Nars Deep Throat and SN Lovelace. Always good to know there's a cheaper alternative out there...

askmewhats: Ooh now she'll be gloating and preening for daaaaays. =)

Syen said...

Tine: Thank youu!!! I feel your lemming. I was sooo lemming for Nars Deep Throat too! And yes, you should definitely make a trip to HK one day. From Ozland, it shouldnt be too pricey. Go during summer sales! A friend from Oz said everything "SO CHEAP!" LOL.

Nikki: THAAANK YOUUUU!!! *gloat gloat* LOL. Well, to a certain extend, it makes sense doesn't it? If I'm going to buy it anyway, might as well buy where it's cheaper. I'm actually SAVING money! *grins*

Kahani: I'll do a dupe soon enough woman! =P And yes, OF COURSE I'd gloat. Wouldn't you? *tee hee hee*

Askmewhats said...

So true! that's why I am putting off buying Nars orgasm (now I'm thinking about deep throat) and some MAC products coz I know I'll be going to HK this Sept..see how Patient I am?? lol I am PRO-saver!

Syen said...

Nikki: Way to go, girl!!! Have a fun trip, and needless to say, HAPPY HAULING!!! =D

Ping. said...

wow..your makeup haul is good enough for me to want to go HK. especially the NARS.. I jsut bought Dainty here.. freaking RM85. sigh.. love you blog :)

Syen said...

Hi Ping, thanks! LOL. I'm so glad I managed to get them stuff from HK. Msia is just insanely pricey when it comes to makeup stuff.

So Sonic Chic IS RM85 here! (still havent managed to hit the malls yet...) Boo. I really should be making my rounds sometime soon. =P

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to hear from you again!

Lena said...

I live in Thailand and cosmetics like Nars and MAC are 10 bucks more than what it costs in the states! Is it cheaper in HK or mainland you think?