October 02, 2008

Blot Away: The Face Shop Matte Face Oil Blotting Film

I am a devotee to facial blotters, as you can see here. It is not a fancy. It is a necessity.

Because it is a given that a few hours after rushing out of the house (which is almost always), my face will start to grow shiny. And not the pretty, glowy, shiny variety, mind you. More the oily, eewy, shiny, thanks to those hyper oil glands.

(And yet I have dry spots. Go figure.) So when I see words like "matte" and "blot", it is inevitable that I will look twice. And that's how I ended up walking out of The Face Shop with their Matte Face Oil Blotting Film.

This blotting film looks very similar to the Clean & Clear variety, and it's also blue in colour. It also feels just a wee little bit thicker, but that's hardly an issue.

I guess the question is, do they mop up the oil? The answer is yes. It happily blots up, and like the Clean & Clear ones, you can also see how much grease has left your face (which I personally find rather amusing).

But I also noticed a slight difference. While you can overdo the blotting with the C&C ones (thanks to their blotting superpowers), this one doesn't seem to do that. Sure it licks up the grease, but it doesn't dry out your skin in anyway. Great.

What's not so great though, is that for a 50-sheet pack, you'll have fork out RM12.90. Which is about double of what I normally pay for C&C. This one, not so great.


Tine said...

I really like the Clean and Clear ones. I'm currently using tea tree blotters by The Body Shop and that's all right too. Haven't tried this one, although I've seen it at The Face Shop.

Facial blotters are a necessity to me too. I mean, yeah I can use tissues, but the blotters seem to do a much better job without smudging my makeup :)

Syen said...

Well said, woman. =D

I've never tried The Body Shop ones, but I might take a peak when I run through my stocked-up pile of C&C ones! LOL.

KatherineGP said...

Im an avid fan of Oil Blotting Sheets since I have really oily skin. My personal choice is Chambuu blotting sheets since it's organic and it doesn't have any fragrance (I have rhinitis so I am avoiding tissues that has perfume in it).

You can purchase it here: http://amzn.to/1Rg1Kjt and use this code: WYMBLF6S for discounts. Discount code is working (I just tried it yesterday).