October 24, 2008

Hooray for Za!: Za Concealer Perfection & Face Powder Review

Words cannot express how happy I am to be reunited with this line. I may have had to give up Boots, and yes that IS a blow, but at least I'm back to the land of Za. To be honest, I haven't really tried any of their colour products or been sold on their skincare. But following the success of the Za Two-Way Foundation that Syen and I both adore, I've given their face powder and concealer a try. And oh my I'm so glad I did!

Concealer Perfection
The failure of Mac's Select Cover Up concealer, I was left bereft, spottier than when I started and more in need of a concealer than ever. But of course I was unwilling to really splurge on a new one. So I turned to that life-saving resource, Makeupalley and turned up this little gem.

At RM30, it's half the price of Select Cover Up, and it performs twice as well! Shade 20 absolutely melts into my skin when I pat it in with the foundation brush. Coverage isn't 100% opaque but it layers well, and when I set with SN's Sleep In a Jar powder concealer in light peach (it really helps camouflage dark spots) my skin looks almost perfect.

Well, there are some blemishes I have now that NO concealer will ever cover. *sighs*

Undereye, it conceals well - but I don't have very bad shadows. And although I find it cakes and creases a bit during the day, I just pat it over with my finger and some powder that seems to settle it. On blemishes it conceals redness, but dark spots do show through. However, it lasts, looks natural, stays in place and most importantly DOES NOT BREAK ME OUT.

Overall, I am pleased with the concealer. I only wished it could be mixed with moisturiser to form a tinted moisturiser or foundation. But it appears to be more cream than water base and doesn't perform so well here.

EDIT: I've taken to using this Clinique concealer again. It covers the serious dark shadows I've developed due to working late (till past 12) over the last few days. I've found it works brilliantly when blended in with a foundation brush, and NOT my finger. When the circles lighten up I'll probably go back to the lighter coverage of this Za concealer.

Face Powder
I love this powder. Really I do. At around RM30, it too will not break the bank, and it provides light coverage, and oil control better than any other compact powder of its price range. It's better than L'Oreal True Match (RM55!), Skin Food Lemon Fresh, and Maybelline Clear Smooth (RM18). Yes I've tried them all.

And best of all, it has that same diffused, non-powdery finish that makes Syen and I love the Two-Way foundation so much. The only caveat I have is that I may be between shades as it does have light coverage, and shade 10 looks too light, while shade 20 (which I am using) may be a tad too dark. Oh dear... I may compromise by using a shade of foundation slightly lighter and patting Shade 20 over.

For girls who can find their right shade though, this powder and the above concealer would be perfect for those who don't like foundation. Just pat on the concealer, set with the powder and you're good to go!

Za Two-Way Foundation
I've also revived my usage of this product. I do try and stick to minerals because I feel it's better for my skin, but I find it hard to resist the ease and gorgeous finish of this foundation. When I'm in a tearing hurry I just don't feel up to building up coverage for my mineral foundation in light even layers. But slapping it on is a death knell. So I reach for this baby instead. As it doesn't break me out, I may wind up using this full time once I've run through my minerals.

Syen: For a more detailed review of the two-way foundation, check here. I love it too! =D

Note: The one product in this range that has never worked for me is the Tinted Moisturiser. Some girls swear by it, but I find it breaks me out. I love its high coverage coupled with light-formulation and SPF 15, but it really does break me out. Still I am once again tempted to try it. Someone STOP me!


Tine said...

I've heard a lot of good things about ZA's face powder, and I'm raring to give it a try when I'm back in Malaysia :P

PS: On a totally different note, I can't seem to access your latest blog post on Missha's BB cream. It says that the page does not exist, although I've read it on Google Reader. This has happened with a few Blogger sites now. Hmm I wonder what's going on.

Kahani said...

Hi Tine! Yes do give it a go. =)

Oh the Missha's BB Cream wasn't meant to be published yet, I scheduled it wrong. It's due tomorrow. I saved it as a draft and rescheduled it, but it hasn't been taken off the RSS feeds yet. Sorry! I think this is what happens across the blogs. =)

Petra said...

Kahani, is Clinique the only undereye concealer you can recommend? My eyebags and lines are something fierce trying not to turn lemming over my finals. Don't want to try BodyShop, might check out Almay instead. Am so tempted to try their mineral foundation too...

Petra said...

Oops. Just realised you referred to general concealer - do I need a specific one for undereye?

Kahani said...

Hey Petra, the Clinique one IS an undereye concealer. If you have really serious circles you may want to get one specifically for the undereye area. Because you don't always want the same thick, emollient, opaque coverage over the rest of your face. Also, general concealers tend to set matte and this may lead to undereye lines and creases.

Alternatively, you can use a general concealer there, and brush some lightening YSL Touche Eclat-like thing over to add the moisture and light-reflecting properties.

What's wrong with Eli's recommendation of Bobbi Brown? What works for her...

Petra said...

Ah, that is because Elizabeth and you seem to use different products so I thought I'd ask. Plus Eli unfortunately inherited the eyebags part of the family so am looking around for a cheaper, lighter version. =)

Kahani said...

LOL I see.. poor Eli! I've heard good things also about Clinique's Airbrush concealer, Make Up For Ever's Lift Concealer (mixed reviews on this), and of course good 'ol mineral concealers by Everyday Minerals and Silk Naturals. I'm afraid now it's entirely up to you, Pet.

Anonymous said...

I just love this powder...but nowadays, i can't find this in any stores...I am in Malaysia & ca u pls mail me the details to buy this powder..thx