January 07, 2009

Review: MAC Peachykeen. And then some.

Yes, I know this is suppose to a review of Peachykeen, but before that, there's an important announcement I have to make. =P

I was chatting with THE Malaysian Blush Queen, ParisB, yesterday when I decided to seek some advice from Her Royal Blushness.

"Would an order of 2 NYX blushers and 4 Mosaic Powders be a little of a blush overkill?" I ask.

"No. Not at all," says she. "After all, a girl can NEVER have too many blushers."

Ahhh.. spoken like a true blush queen. I like her very much indeed. And so the conversation went back and forth, mainly on the topic of blushers, and finally with much generosity, she handed me a tiara of my own! =)

I believe I am now Blush Princess! Ahem.. *adjusts pretty tiara* =P

With the fanfare now out of the way, on to the review!

If you click here, you'll read Kahani's declaration of her undying love for a blush called Springsheen. It's her first blush in a MAC collection that's slowly, but surely, growing. *evil grin* And as much as it troubles me, yes, it HAS been discontinued.

However, blush subjects rejoice! For all it not lost.

Behold, the Peachykeen. While it's not an exact match to Springsheen, I'd say it's a pretty damn close shade alright. I find Springsheen a little more peachy. Peachykeen, on the other hand, is a little more corally-pink.

(LEFT: Peachykeen, RIGHT: Springsheen)

They're both sheertone shimmer blushes, and come with gold shimmer, which I like very much. Gives the cheeks a bit of a healthy glow when applied, and frankly, who doesn't want to look glowy, right? Of course right. =P

(LEFT: Springsheen, RIGHT: Peachykeen. Similar no? If you click on the photo, you can even see the shimmer in the enlarged pic.)

Like Springsheen, you can use Peachykeen on its own. Dusted lightly, it would complement the summer skintone very nicely. Or dust this blush first for base, and use Peachykeen for a pop. Be warned though, sheertone as it may be, a light hand works best for this baby.

I don't own the notorious orgasmic blush from NARS to compare firsthand, but with what I've seen and read, I would believe Peachykeen is comparable to its infamous NARS counterpart. You can read here, here and here for more Orgasm wannabes.

Hmmm.. anything else you'll need to know? Ah yes, I had to fork out RM70 to bring all 6gms of her home. But I believe she may cost more now. RM75 me thinks.

Now I wonder how Coralista will compare? Hmmm... *adjusts tiara* 


Anonymous said...

Haha Paris was right - one can never have too many blushes :P

That's a very pretty shade of peach might I add. Both the Peachykeen and Springsheen. I've always liked shades of peach on the cheeks; I find it such a lovely colour for spring :)

AskMeWhats said...

I am so smiling when you call Paris the Malaysian Blush Queen! So true! LOL *love ya girl*

Peachykeen definitely looks like NARS orgasm based on your swatch, would you believe I never own any MAC blush?? I think I should, more posts and raves from you gals makes me get closer and closer to MAC blush section!

Anonymous said...

*waves sceptre* You summoned? LOL I can't believe you wrote about our little chat hehe... but yes, you can never have too many blushes! I owned one MAC blush but I was never truly impressed by them. I might even have owned Peachykeen once... I'm not sure where its gone to now LOL But NYX is a different story altogether!

Anonymous said...

p/s I read about Coralista too - I want! :P Are you making an order? :P

Jenn said...

*bows down to the Blush Princess* Hehehe!! That conversation is so cute!! :D

btw, this reminds me of the conversation i've had with my husband two days ago... he was commenting on my makeup collection (which really, is a shame to the MAC collector population but he disagrees)... he thinks i only need a few colors since you can hardly tell the difference on your face (sadly, i think he's right)!! That doesn't stop me from wanting more though... nyeh nyeh!! :P:P:P

ahhhh... Peachykeen, another long forgotten lemming of mine! I've been busy chasing after the LE blushers that my "permenant" lemmings have to take a back seat!! It is really pretty ya!!! You should post a pic of yourself wearing it!! :D

I want coralista toooooo!!! :D

Syen said...

Tine: Oh yes, I'll have to agree with Paris. =P

And it is very pretty, isn't it? Not only are peach shades very apt for spring and summer, but I find that they generally suit yellow and olive skintones better. So yay for us on this side of the spectrum! =)

Nikki: I have no doubt we'll convert you by and by. Kahani's slowly getting there. LOL. *hehe*

Paris: Ooh of course I'd add in. It was most relevant, Your Blushness. LOL. I just came across a pic of your blush collection. *gulps*

Jenn: LOL. Yea, those not in the makeup know-how can never understand why we need so many blushers/ eyeshadow/ lipsticks etc. I like your "nyeh nyeh"! LOL. But if you haven't gotten Peachykeen, it is really beautiful. =)

And btw - your Dallas review has got me REALLY lemming for it. REALLY. =P

Kahani said...

Noooo! Must...resist...Mac...lemmings... they're eeevil... eeeeeviiiill!!