March 20, 2009

Setting Mineral Foundations Aside & Clinique Superfit Foundation Review

This is going to be a slightly introspective post as giving up mineral foundations has been hard on me.
Ever since I fell in love with L'Oreal's True Match Minerals, then Silk Naturals and the most recent being Everyday Minerals - I have loved mineral foundations for how clear they keep my skin and their natural matte finish.

Now sadly, I have to concede that they cannot stand up to my oily skin in Malaysia, or my 12-hour workdays that involve considerable running around. I finally got tired of the caking, the slipping, the fading and the touch ups (usually around the 5-hr mark). And thanks to Tine's rave review, I put in an order of Clinique Superfit when my makeup mule made a trip to the US. Read on for the review!

Clinique Superfit Foundation in Shell
When I first got the foundation it was actually a decent match to me still as I retained the remnants of my tan - product of my last glorious summer in Europe. Now however I have to concede that my face looks darker and slightly pinker than my neck. Dang! Although Shell is fairly yellow-toned, and supposed to be for very-fair people, Neutral from the moderately fair range looks yellow-er and as light. I got a sample and will be giving it a go.

Texture, coverage & Finish
The texture of this foundation is one of the best things about it. It's very watery and light yet has very high coverage. I find however that it doesn't layer too well and can look cakey if you try. For the best finish I swipe it on with my fingers covering most of my face in a thin layer then blend out with my dual-fiber brush for a very natural, semi-matte finish.

I love that this foundations is oil free, and seems to help control my oilies to a certain degree. It isn't perfect (nothing is that doesn't break me out.. argh!) but it helps. I dust powder over and have to blot in 3-4 hours. Which for me is pretty darned good!

On the other hand, although this foundation is long lasting, I do find that it gets patchy and fades on my crazy oily skin after about 7 hours. Now, 7-hours may be enough for most, but sadly it still doesn't cut the mustard in my lifestyle. I want it to last about 10 hours at least - as that is my average working day. Not to mention be good to go if I want to go out for dinner and drinks after.

I know I'm being demanding and there may not be a foundation out there that can do what I want. If it weren't for the mismatch in colour, I'd stick happily with Superfit as I really do love it. Plus if I'm careful to remove every trace of it at the end of the day - no breakouts! Or not much - it's hard to tell as I get hormonal breakouts too. But it's not much worse than when I stick to minerals

So for now, mineral foundation will be for weekends to give my skin a break. For my crazy work days though it's going to be a long-lasting foundation. Unless I find the precise colourmatch for Superfit, I won't be using it anymore. I can't go around with a face that doesn't match my neck! Thank goodness it was so much cheaper in the US - about RM70 at the time.

So for now I'm giving Revlon Colorstay in Sand Beige a go - it's a perfect colour match and the new formula has been getting rave reviews online. Wish me luck that it works out and doesn't break me out! Especially since Revlon is only about RM55 compared to Clinique Superfit's RM1oo in Malaysia.


AskMeWhats said...

I have Clinique's foundation, I think it's also Superfit, as a sample but it was for dry skin!!! So I got a bit of moist going on there ! It does work well but gosh! This over your MMU foundie??? Interesting!!!!

Kahani said...

makeup foundie can't be beat for that airbrushed finish, and for being kind to skin + easy to remove. But sadly it doesn't really last longer than 5 hrs before looking patchy here. ARGH!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I agree the fact that mineral foundation is not good enough in oil-controling :) Shall I wait for your review on Revlon Colorstay? :)

Kahani said...

yups it's a coming... maybe i'll use it for another week or so first. I bought it a week before this superfit review. =)

Anonymous said...

I personally love organic foundations and natural cosmetics because the thought of absorbing all of the chemicals into my skin does not interest me. The typical woman absorbs over five pounds of chemicals through her skin into her body from makeup.

Kahani said...

mineral cosmetics: Since you sell mineral cosmetics, excuse me if I'm sceptical as to your motives.

Pinky Tham said...

ahh I feel like trying this foundation. Its so hard to find a suitable foundation sometimes

Kahani said...

pinkyping: what kind of skintype do you have? and what are you looking for in the foundation? =)

Anonymous said...

Pity the shade did not suit you :( I'm starting to find the Neutral too cool-toned for me. I'm still using the samples I have so I don't need to buy one for myself yet. When I do, I'm going to find a warmer tone one.

PS: Just wondering, does your Revlon ColorStay smell a little like shellaq? 'Cos mine does :(

Kahani said...

Tine: Yes darnnit about the shade!

My Revlon smells distinctly funky. But for some reason after I use it on my face I don't smell it anymore. Nose gave up maybe? =P

Mel said...

Hey! I have no idea if you remember me but it's Melissa :)

I was in the same place totally as you are right now - loved mineral foundation, bought tons of it, used it everyday, but eventually realized it didn't last as long as I wanted it to. I've since switched to using normal foundations - I have Skinfood BB Cream, Bobbi Brown compact fdt and a MUFE liquid one on regular rotation - but if you're looking for a really long-lasting foundation that controls oilies, I have to highly recommend MUFE's Mat Velvet foundation. It has very high coverage (which is great for me cos it means less concealing), VERY mattifying at first, but as the oilies break through throughout the day, the worst the foundation ever looks on me is dewy, and it lasts forever. Seriously. Some people might find the finish too matte, but I'm fine with that as I get oily quickly, plus I can always change the finish with a finishing powder over it (mac mineralize skinfinish natural, fyi).

Haha ok this is getting to be a long comment! Oh, but last point, the MUFE foundation doesn't break me out (acne prone, oily skin with large pores). I believe I bought it at the 1 Utama Parkson MUFE counter for...RM95? or was it RM105? Well..somewhere thereabouts. I think it was totally worth it - if you get the chance, do check it out! :)

Kahani said...

Hi Mel,

I'm convinced I remember you, but I'm also unsure from the wee pic of your cutself cuddling a pillow which Melissa you are.... give me a clue please? =D

And thanks SO MUCH for the tip. I'm very interested and will be begging the girls there for a sample soon. ;) I've found my stop-gap measure at present but of course, always looking for better foundies.=)