March 20, 2009

Video: Friday is for Foundation - applying Revlon Colorstay

If, like me, you've tried Revlon Colorstay in the past and given up on it because you could never get the finish to look natural you may want to revisit the foundation. The latest hot brush - the dual-fibre stippling brush has provided us with an entirely new way to put that foundation on. And guess what? I've tried it and it works! Here Bethainy gives us review + application technique video. Now, be warned it's over 15 mins and she DOES tend to babble. So just skip along till you see her wielding a brush (about 4:34). Then after she's got Revlon on, you can skip the rest (from 9:30 onwards) unless you want a comparison of Revlon to MUFE HD foundation. In which case, skip till almost the end (around 12:00).


petra said...

revlon and clinique don't animal test. yay.

mum and i love revlon's mineral foundation. i use almay (under the same company) in malaysia as the colour matches me better in that country.

wearing almay in new zealand turns me yellow and mannequin ish.

kahani said...

i actually get fairer in M'sia which seems to go against common sense until you realise how much time I spent outdoors in Europe. So i have to use lighter, yellower foundies here. I'm also.. for some reason... cooler toned here. o_0 The light?

Revlon mineral foundy is too light coverage for my bad bad skin - and also not oil controlling enough. Darn. Otherwise though it's good stuff for dry - combi girls who just want light coverage.