January 25, 2010

Monday's Beauty Bits: 5 Brands I Wish Would Come to Malaysia

This thing of beauty is forever denied to us here in Malaysia because Urban Decay won't come to our shores. My longing for it has me resentlfully thinking of all the lovely brands we lack and the five I truly wish would come over and sell makeup to me already! (preferably at prices that aren't marked up by too much - not like Benefit and Smashbox, alas!)

Urban Decay - Since it's obvious lets start off with this avant garde, rocker cosmetic brand. With ideas that range from cheeky (like the Pocket Rockets) to gorgeous, Urban Decay is nevertheless on the cutting edge of cosmetic technology and the quality usually measures up to the hype. Awesome.

Cargo - Oh Canada, why isn't Cargo available herreeeee? With so many amazing products like the One-Base foundation / concealer, blushers, and the Blu_Ray collection, it's just agonising that we have to cross international waters to get at it! My birthday present to myself is a 7-piece kit from Cargo, can't wait till it gets here!

Lush - Oddly enough, while living in the UK I never bought a single item from Lush. Truth is I can't bear the stores - the smell is terrifying. And then Plue brought it all crashing down single handedly with Happy Hippy. Now I want to explore the brand and revel in its overscented goodness. Organic and vegan fans will also welcome this earth-friendy brand.

Hourglass Cosmetics - Posh, critter friendly, and divinely luxurious, I may not be able to afford Hourglass on a regular basis, but from what I've seen, I want them here. If only so I need never be seperated from their lipgloss in Primal. One day I will invest in one of their gorgeous face palettes (when they finally get some sense and add a blush) and hopefully the palette cravings will all go quiet. Yeah right. But it's a shame that Singapore has it and we don't.

Philosophy - makers of my signature scent, Amazing Grace, this bath, body and skincare line has numerous cult products like Hope In a Jar, Purity Made Simple and their 3-in-1 Perfumed Bath, Shampoo and Shower gels. I love their packaging, the names and text on their products and of course, the products themselves.

Whoa that was easier than I thought it'd be. I can still think of a few other brands, Too Faced, Max Factor, Cover Girl, ELF and NYX but you could call them "second tier". What about you? What brands do you wish would market themselves in Malaysia?


Blogger said...

OMG!!!! You soooo RIGHT!!! ARGH!!! I really want those drugstore brands to come in to M'sia especially Urban Decay, ELF, NYX and all the others!!! so we dont have to continue paying so much buying online...

Even some awesome Revlon and Maybelline products are not available in M'sia!!!!*weep* *weep*

Jenn said...

I'll be happy if they bring in NARS! And also Max Factor! :D

Not cosmetic brands, but i wish they'd bring in Abercrombie and Old Navy (not too far a stretch since they have already brought GAP and Banana Republic in)!! :D

WS said...

Me wants Urban Decay too! :D

knitties said...

I agree with UD, Lush and Philosophy... I get to stock up on Lush once a year whenever I travel (to a country that has Lush, that is). I think Lush UK and Australia delivers to Malaysia but shipping is quite expensive.

beetrice said...

heh...I can always volunteer to be the makeup mule for any brands only available in SG... :D but yeah, it's a pity that we don't have these brands..for goodness sakes, BKK has NARS!!

AskMeWhats said...

hey who knows? I was wishing Stila to come down here and it happened!!! Let's all wish for each other..who knows? The more wishes,the merrier!

Connie De Alwis said...

you had to put UD's Alice in Wonderland palette T_T

I don't wanna look at it anymore! so heartbreaking

brands.. let's see: UD, NARS, Philosophy, NYX, Lush, Bourjois, elf and a lot more but I can't think right now

some makeup academies carry NYX but terribly marked up! RM40 for a round lipstick!

Kahani said...

Blogger: yeah! Even the complete ranges of the brands we DO have would be awesome. L'Oreal HiP anyone?

Jenn: If we're talking clothes... I WANT H&M!!

Wanshin: Yay!

knitties: You'd be right about that. *sighs*

Bee: Aww you're darling. But in Sg they're so overpriced sometimes it drives me bats.

Nikki: Hahaha and Stila left US! But they were too pricey here - they thought they were Nars I swear.

Yani said...

I want them ALL! Urban Decay, Cargo, NARS, Philosophy ... ooohh, LUSH!! ...sigh ... the thing is that some of these brands are owned by the Beauty Giants - and they tend to think that there will be no market here - that the Malaysian market "isn't ready". I mean, look at Giorgio Armani Cosmetics - it's a sad ending to such a great brand.

Anonymous said...

oooooh - that Urban Decay palette looks so cute!

LUSH also terrifies me - the mixture of scents wafting from their stores are scary. I found them in Japan!

how come Singapore gets more cosmetics brands than Malaysia?!

Syen said...

My top five (or more.. hehe) brands would be NARS, Cargo, Urban Decay, NYX, John Frieda, and Soap & Glory. Oh heck, why don't just bring in Sephora and Boots? Problem solved. =P

As for existing brands, yes people! Bring in L'Oreal HiP, and more products from St Ives and Vaseline! I want my Vanilla range and Stratys-3!


LyNn said...

me wants nyx, milani, e.l.f, nyc, china glaze :P
i want wet n wild and jordana back in malaysia. full range please :P

All Women Stalker said...

Those are some really good brands. Hope they come to you soon!

bubbles said...

First time leaving comment here ! :)
I wish Stila is still here, and I want NARS and Urban Decay too. And also Milani and NYX, if possible. Hee hee..

Kahani said...

yani: *mourns armani* Not that I could ever afford it...

Anon: Presumably because the international brands think Sg the centre of SEA civilisation and M'sians still swing from trees. -_-

Syen: Ooh HOW COULD I FORGET SOAP & GLORY? I wanna wanna S&G!

Lynn: LOL good brands!

Bubbles: Milani is a brand I'm keen on too. Stila was too pricey here though. They deserve to go under for doing that to us.

Anonymous said...

mine would be:
1. jill stuart
2. intergrate
3. urban decay
4. nars
5. borjois