February 09, 2010

Review: Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion + Relief & Repair Balm

Hello lovelies,

How's your Tuesday looking? Hope it's chugging along just fine. Mine's looking crazy busy still, but ah well... this is life.

Anyway, last week I talked about having fried and flaky hands, and I did promise a review on some of the products I've purchased as a result of my current craze for all things moisturising.

So here's two of 'em from the Vaseline Intensive Rescue Range - Moisture Locking Lotion and the Relief & Repair Balm. The other products, sadly, are out of my reach.

(Plus, I'd be a wee nutters don't cha think, if I got everything from one range of products?)

On to the reviews!

Moisture Locking Lotion (Hypoallergenic & Unfragranced)

The only product available from this range in Malaysia (I'll explain the balm later), I picked up a 400ml pump bottle from Guardians the other day. I had decided to be good and had reluctantly put the bottle back onto the shelf, but a RM5 voucher (earned shortly later) killed all will-power, resulting in me running back to the shelf and then straight for the cashier (with voucher waving like a victory flag).

Anyhow, I'm rather glad I picked it up because, as said earlier, I had fried my hands dry two weekends ago. And between slappingon my ~H20+ Raspberry Guave Body Balm during the day (because it's the only moisturiser I have in my bag), and this super moisturiser at night, my hands started healing and was pretty much back to normal after about 3 days.

Make no mistake, ladies. While it's texture is lotion, this is HEAVY-duty stuff. I realised I made a slight mistake one day, when upon applying it all over my hands and legs (just before bedtime), I started feeling a little icky. Just a wee bit. It's not greasy, heavens no. But unlike this one here, it won't just sink in and be done with it. It'll hang around a while, let you know it's there, try to make friends... you get the drift. You just know it's there.

But I forgive it, because it does one heck of a moisturising job. My skin felt insanely moisturised the next morning. Although, I doubt I'll be repeating this stunt again. This baby goes only on the extra-dry spots from now on.

Kahani, who also has this moisturiser, recommended it as a lovely hand cream. And I must agree. I just slapped on a little for my hands, and here I am. Still typing on my notebook. With no unwanted greasiness. Two thumbs up there.

Priced at about RM18, I think it's a fair price for such a great moisturiser. And since I'll only need a little bit each time I use it, I think it'll take me a while before I need to think about getting another bottle. Try a year or two.

I do wish, however, that Unilever would also bring in the fragranced variety for options sake. I do like a little scent in my moisturisers.

Relief & Repair Balm (for very dry skin)

As I've said earlier, the lotion is the only product available in Malaysia from this range (as far as I know). So, no, you can't get this here, I'm afraid. I picked this up from a Hondos Centre last August while I was in Greece. Sorry ladies.

But I'd like to talk a little about it anyway.

If the lotion was already heavy, this is about three times (3x) that. With petrolatum, aqua and glycerin as its top three ingredients, go figure. It's very, very heavy, which was great when my skin constantly felt like it bursting at the seams while I was in Europe, but over here, I scarcely dare apply it.

A little dab here on an extra-dry spot, and a little there, and that's about all the lovin' it gets. Vaseline didn't put up the "for very dry skin" remark in red on the bottle for nothing.

Priced at about €7-ish (~RM35) for 100ml, if I remember correctly, it is pricey. I doubt I'll be repurchasing it since: 1) it's not available here. 2) I'll be glad to just be able to finish this bottle up. 3) I have a gazillion other moisturisers to run through yet!

So there you go. Have you tried any products from this range? Hit me back, ladies!


All Women Stalker said...

I love Vaseline products! I'm gonna go and try this one as well.

Syen said...

All Women Stalker: Oh hello you! Finally one comment! Wheee! Thanks for making my day. LOL.

Happy trying! =)