April 16, 2010

My Favourite Things: LUSH Mask of Magniminty

I was never one who really believed in jinxes. I mean, yeah, I know sometimes I say things like, "I hope I don't jinx myself." But I never really believed I would.

And then I really did.

Speaking to a relative (lovely teenage girl with pimply issues) the other day , I was sharing with her about how finding the right skincare product is the secret of having a gorgeous glowy skin.

And how having since met the right products for MY skin, it's been behaving so well, and I've been having a blast.

"I hope I don't jinx myself," said I. And boy I sure did.

Perhaps it was also a new product I tried which my skin clearly wasn't on friendly terms with, but shortly after that conversation, my skin erupted. It started with a huge zit on my nose, and just as that one died, another one started on my chin.

And just as that one was dying, I could feel another popping up along my jawline.

Thank heavens I have a new friend in LUSH's Mask of Magnaminty.

I knew it was time to start masking, but instead of go-to Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack (which I recommended to the relative, and she later reported back saying it has helped her skin a lot), I decided to give Ms Magnaminty a shot. Just this week alone, I've used it twice. And am very happy with the results.

Perhaps it's also the insane heat this past week or so, but my face has just been very, veeery unhappy. Besides the huge zits, my skin has little little rash-like bumps, and is dry and flaky. But still oily. It wants to be both Saudi and Sahara. Because it's greedy like that.

Application and product description

Applying with my fingers straight from the pot (I know it's not the most hygienic, but the alternative is too troublesome), I spread it out on my face, slapping on a little more for the problem areas.

Let it set for about 20 minutes, then apply a bit of water to the now-dry face mask, and use it as a scrub. Finally wash it off thoroughly.

First off, the smell. Let me warn you - it stinks! Well, in the tub anyway. Thank heavens (as Kahani assured me), it doesn't smell quite so bad on. No idea why, but it's a good thing. Apart from the mint, there are a heap of other scents, which is just beyond me to describe. But yea, it stinks.

Texture wise, it applies just okay. It doesn't spread at thickly or as easily as the Neem but that's not really much of an issue. You'll just need to do a few more finger dips and go over your face another round or so until you're satisfied with the coverage.

(A greenish paste with grains in it, it doesn't look much better than it smells.)

As it has little grains of what I believe must be ground Aduki Beans in it, you might wanna do the applying at your sink, or risk sowing ground Aduki Beans on your dressing table. But once on, it's fine as long as you don't touch your face. I usually spend my "setting time" reading in bed. And I love the cooling sensation it gives my skin while its on.

It washes off very easily, much easier than the Neem too. And the results? Calmer and happier skin. With ingredients like bentonite gel, kaolin and honey, I'm happy to note the mask dried up my existing pimple, and pretty much killed the up and coming one. The rash-like bumps calmed down a little and my skin is generally improved.


Kahani and I bought a big tub from Hong Kong and split it. And I really can't remember how much it cost, but I remember it was a rather pricey purchase.

I'm really happy to note that in the UK (where I'll be heading quite soon), it's rather affordable at £4.25 for 125g, and £7.50 for 315g. Now I'm wondering if I should get a back-up tub.


I really do love this stuff. It kills the zits and works great in keeping my skin calm and happy. And if reasonably priced, won't burn a big hole in the pocket. Not bad at all, right?

I think I'll go mask now.


Anonymous said...

£4.25 for 125g, and £7.50 for 135g??

who is gonna pay £3.25 for that extra 10g? lol

plue said...

i like this one too! in repurchase list altho the price is tad heavy :( hee... it's in my comparing list with TBS~

Kahani said...

Actually, I'm usually the one with the fussier nose and when this mask is on i think it smells like Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!

So far I find it to be a gentler alternative to the Neem mask - but not as effective as my skin is straight up oily. No ifs buts or pansying around with dryness.

Connie De Alwis said...

ooh! looks like an awesome mask! The odd zits are always such a bother. I'm glad your skin got better with this!

Syen said...

[miss hazel]: Oops! Typo error there. It's £7.50 for 315g. Thanks for pointing that out.

Plue: Of course there are cheaper masks out there, but don't forget, the current conversion rate with the ££ is very good. =P

Kahani: I don't know about chocolate chip ice cream but you're making me want one now! =(

You're right though, it does seem lighter than Neem.

Connie: It is lovely! And yes, I am very glad it's finally better. LOL. =P Have you tried this?

Makeup Morsels said...

Lush has some nice stuff, I've tried a lot of their bath products out, but not their masks which I've heard are great. Right now, my skin is relatively ok *yikes if I jinx myself, that will not be good lol* Have you tried Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask? It's a drugstore product, and it sounds like it would be similar to this

Syen said...

Makeup Morsels: Hey there! I've heard heaps and raves about the Mint Julep Mask but I've never tried it mainly because it's not available here in Msia. But if I do come across it in my travels, I'm pretty sure I'd pick up a tube. =)

Nurfatin Adibah said...

interesting! love to try this mask but not available in Malaysia;(

if you do have extra & want to sell, please let me know :) teeehee.

tq for the marvelous review.