September 23, 2010

Nivea Pinkish Boost 3 in 1 Tastes BLERGH!

When will I ever learn? Despite previous bad experiences with Nivea Caregloss (which, in my defense, many have given rave reviews), what do I do when I see that Nivea has a NEW tube gloss out? I BUY it without a second thought. When it comes to Nivea lip products I have all the power to resist of a stunned lemming.

On paper, the product sounds pretty odd actually. It's supposed to "restore your natural lip colour" (whatever that means), reduce lip dullness (with shine?) and protect with SPF15. To be honest, I was expecting one of those clear balms that turn pink on their own, presumably in reaction to your body heat or skin pH levels. A little gimmicky in pricey brands but fun in a cheapie gloss.

So I was a bit disappointed when it turned out to be a solid, opaque-looking bright pink:

It's brighter and a cooler pink than it looks in the photo

Shrugging I slap it on and URRGHH!! It smells strongly perfumey - like powdery rose and tastes like plastic and perfume. Some girls online think it tastes good... I'm sorry, I know everyone's entitled to their opinions.. but what the heck's WRONG with them? Presumably if you don't have a great sense of smell it may not bother you as much.

Formula and colour wise though it's not bad, which is a shame. Glossy, very very moisturising (no lip balm needed here) and a pretty, natural shade of pink:

Used very sparingly, the taste fades and it still works great as a moisturising lip balm. You get a little gloss and shine but no colour pay off. I may be using this up as a lip balm but there is NO WAY I'll be using it as a gloss for colour!

The balm retails for RM8.50 and can be found in Guardian and Watsons.

Oh and about the Nivea Cherry purchase, my original one ran out so when I saw they're repackaged and "tweaked" it I thought I'd give it a try. It is slightly different! The taste isn't as strong (good), the shade is more of a deep pink than red (also good) and it has some sliiiiight shimmer particles that aren't noticeable (on the fence on this one). The new packaging is pretty though. =)


Tanveer Parmar said...

I don't like Nivea glosses too, as much as I like their lipbalms :)

Anonymous said...

I really can't stand the taste of the Nivea Pinkish Boost 3 in 1 coz it's like putting perfume on yr lips. It landed in the garbage bin after just 2 uses. It also made my lips dry and flaky. Wish I read your review first before buying.

Kahani said...

Tanveer: Isn't it weird that they can get the balms so right and the glosses so wrong??

Anon: hahah I wish I'd read my review before I bought it too! It doesn't make my lips dry and flaky though - that could be an allergic reaction on your part.

aisyah De Cullen said...

I thought the pinkish boost 3 in 1 is a clear balm stuff though..and the pink gloss totally took me by suprise.
The smell reminds me of Rimmel's lipstick though..perfumey mix with a little bit of plastic..haha..but nothing I can't stand. I bought it entirely for the SPF15 property.Quite cute to wip up in public to use..haha..(can't resist anything pink)

dolljjang ♥ said...

Naah, I agree!!! it taste like a plastic! x___x