January 11, 2011

Loving: MAC Cham-Pale Paint Pots!

So last week saw me running to the MAC store... no wait, actually the hubs did the running for me. *tee hee*

Alright, nevermind who did the running, the point is I got meself two new paint pots from the MAC Cham-Pale collection. My first paint pots too!

And boy am I loving them very, very MUCH.

Vintage Selection

MAC describes it as "frosty dirty peach". I think it's a little more of a brown-peach shade, and it works amazingly well on my lids as a base. It's almost my skin colour with a little more oomph.

It has a shimmery finish, and as paint pots go (so I've been told), it is creamy enough, but a little stickier than say this cream shadow, which I also love.

Dangerous Cuvee

MAC calls this shade a "frosted cool grey", and I think I kind of agree. It's grey with silver shimmer and when applied, it's sparkly! Which makes it a little harder to pull off for day/work, but perfect for night/parties.

When I first swatched them, they didn't impress me all that much. They didn't swatch as smooth and creamy as my Estee shadow cremes, but now I absolutely adore these paint pots.

Why, you ask?

Because I can use them without an eye primer, and they last as long as 12 hours without creasing. At all. Is that amazing or what?

These photos were taken after about 12 hours of wear. I used Dangerous Cuvee as my base, MAC Style Snob in my crease, and Shu Uemura ME Brown 850 in the outer corners. I loved the end look.

Yesterday, I used Vintage Selection as my base and UD Naked Palette's Sin as a wash. It was incredibly simple and yet a very pretty work look.

(Just an interesting note, the MAC paint pots and the Estee shadow cremes come in exactly the same glass jars, and contain the same amount of product. The screw caps can be switched around. Did you know that? Hehe...)

In conclusion, I am really loving these two eyeshadows. At RM70 for a 5g pot, it's not exactly cheap, but I'm quite happy forking out the money for their performing power. Love!

Have you tried Cham-Pale's paint pots? Are you planning to?


AskMeWhats said...

I have this soft spot for paintpots but would you believe i haven't been wearing much eyeshadow? I won't be putting any of them in use, well except on clients but the glass pot really melts my heart! I don't know, its just me! :)

Kahani said...

Lisa: I've only been extolling the Paintpot's virtues as an eye primer for 2 years...!

Syen said...

Nikki: You should try this on yourself too! =P

Kahani: Yes ma'am. =P

Unknown said...

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