April 21, 2011

Kiss Me, I taste delicious thanks to Philosophy's Very Emollient Lip Balm

I apologise for the crappy picture ladies, this lip balm really doesn't photograph too well. Which is a shame because I LOVE and am addicted to this gloss and all like it. 

Without flash, it mostly looks like this:
But don't let its scary dark redness scare you, it goes on sheer and stain-like. 

The reasons to love this abound, as a lip balm it's amazing. It lasts forever, is very moisturising and has SPF20. As a gloss it's natural, sheer and glossy but buildable so you can achieve deeper reds if you want to. But above all...
It is YUMMY beyond belief. Sweet, pepperminty, tingly... no guy will ever complain about the taste of this lippy. 

You'll just have to take my word on that because even if, in the interests of this review, I were to go about doing a kiss taste test, I still wouldn't be able to tell you about it because a lady doesn't kiss and tell. ;)

It's quite a cool red, but that could just be me. Syen and I have discovered that just about any lippy looks cooler on me and warmer on her. 

Philosophy's Very Emollient Kiss Me Lip Balm with SPF20 in red is available on Strawberrynet for RM55. I wish I could get my hands on the Kiss Me range in pink... and oh every colour they have. Philosophy have created a peppermint-gloss monster!


Eli said...

One word: Pretty!

SoLoverly has gone kinda lippie bonkers lately, right?

Kahani said...

We have haven't we? Ah well... =P

xin said...

ah now you are making me feel like 'wanting' this!