April 20, 2011

An Old Love Refound: Ego QV Lip Balm with SPF 20

Excuse the poor pic. Blackberry phones
don't come with the best cameras
As much as I do like Lucas Papaw Ointment, nothing beats Ego QV Lip Balm for chapped lips.

This particular lip balm became a winter staple for me after a particularly dry spell (urgh, Canberra winters). My lips were cracked and bleeding quite badly at the time and no amount of judiciously applied Papaw Ointment was working. Desperate, I dredged this up from a bag somewhere to use instead.

Voila! My lips were back to normal in 2 days.

What is there not to love about a lip balm which is moisturising, contains SPF and works great for DIY lip balms? Oh, and which doesn't make my lips swell up and itch?

After finishing my last tube 6 months ago, I was sniffling and kicking myself for not restocking when I had the chance. I knew that I had seen this being sold in a Caring Pharmacy in KL before but search as I might, I couldn't find it ANYWHERE.

Then I walked into a Guardian after a massage* and saw It. The familiar blue and white packaging which screamed the words "Clinical" and "Dermatological Tested" all over it.

I grabbed it and happily paid up RM16.90 for it. Pricey compared to other lip balms out there but when your lips are cracked and stressed, this works. Trust me.

*I really should do a write up on massage centres in KK. The last one I had was quite good -- barring the fact that the girl was bad at the stretching bit -- and really cheap but the place was so damn dodgy.

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Lulz Brain said...

I had a chapped lips for ages, and nothing 'till now worked for me.
Thanks for the review.
Currently gonna get one for me!!