May 03, 2011

Beauty Roundup and a little more...

Hello lovelies,

This was supposed to be up yesterday, but I was horribly busy, so ah well... it's on today.
  • One of the few Benefit blushers I don't have, Paris of My Women Stuff talks about this one that makes her heart Thrrrob.
  • If your previous experience with Ascience hair products have left you with hay, Connie of Skindeco might change your mind about their Shine Therapy range.
  • Mousse? For sunblock? I'll let Lipglosseater Jenn tell you more about it.
  • I'm always on the lookout for a great powder foundation. And Nikki of Askmewhats is sorely tempting me with this.
  • Detox while you sleep. I am honestly fascinated by this detoxing spree that Xin of Prettybeautiful has going on. Seriously!

And now for a little more random stuff.


I was one of those who stayed home and watched the Royal Wedding last Friday. (Yes, yes, judge me.) And I was thrilled to bits by all the pomp and glam. I mean, did you see The Dress? It was beautiful!

And of course, being a beauty junkie, I was keeping an eye out for Kate's makeup.

Believe it or not, word is that Kate did her own wedding makeup! Granted, she took lessons prior from makeup artist Arabella Preston. I thought her makeup was beautiful.

I sure didn't have the guts to put on my own wedding makeup. I got Sharon for that.

What do you think? Would/did you have the guts to wear your own wedding makeup?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I would totally do my own wedding makeup! :)

Askmewhats said...

I would have the guts to do my own makeup if i don't have special guests from different countries! I think i spent most of my time talking to them while I was being made up :)

Syen said...

Rizzie: Cool! =)

Nikki: Haha... I wouldn't have done it anyway. =P