May 04, 2011

Can You See That? Why I Culled my Lipstick Collection

Remember how I showed you my lipstick collection a few weeks ago? Well, the original count was actually more than 12 -- somewhere around 24, I think. But, it was clear that some of them had to go.

Squint at the picture. Can you see what I saw?

Guess not. Click on the jump to get a better picture.

Can you see it now?

That's mold, ladies. Mold growing on a rarely used Maybelline lipstick. My hair stood on end when I saw that and I immediately went through the rest of my makeup collection to see if anything else had started sprouting mushrooms. Except for a Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge (it had a greenish tinge, believe it or not), everything was fine although some of my lippies did smell a bit weird.

Into the trash they went.

Does anyone know where I can get those oxygen absorber packets? Think I have to start throwing them into my makeup drawers.


Syen said...

Babe, do you still keep all your makeup in the bathroom? I think I'd recommend you not to. All that extra humidity can only be helping the mushrooms to grow.

Eli said...

Of course not. I would never keep my makeup in a Malaysian bathroom. Canberra was fine due to the dryness.

Was surprised as this lipstick was only a few months old. Older lipsticks were fine. Preservatives, anyone?

Askmewhats said...

eeeeekkk! thanks for the reminder, though I do check my lipstick collection each time I put it inside a train case for clients.

l y n said...

Eek... this gave me goosebumps. I'm gonna check my lippies tonight!