March 23, 2012

Taupe Madness: INGLOT Pearl #435

Hey lovelies,

Among the three of us here at So Loverly, I think I've developed quite a reputation of being taupe mad. (I've also developed a reputation for being mad about many other things *cough blush cough*, but you already knew that.)

Every time I look at eyeshadows, my eyes are inexplicably drawn to taupe and brownish shades. Can't be helped.

So today I'd like to introduce you to a shade I met while shopping with Kahani at INGLOT earlier this year - the Pearl #435.

It's a gorgeous taupe shade that I usually use either as a wash, or for the outer corner of my eye, if I'm pairing it with a lighter shade. Applied over a good base (these days it's usually my Sephora Jumbo Liners or MUFE Aqua Creams), it lasts the whole day without budging. Love.

This eyeshadow is pretty value for money too. At RM50 (or was it RM55) for 2g, this trumps even MAC at RM60 for 1.5g. It's a huge pot that will last, last and laaaast.

Also, I don't think this shade is available in their square pans, so if you really like this, it's only available as a standalone shade.

As you can see, the colour swatches beautifully. It's very pigmented and applies very smoothly, and the quality is very impressive. Just beautiful.

Have you tried INGLOT eyeshadows before? If you haven't, I suggest you do. I get the feeling that INGLOT is going to give it's pricier counterparts a run for its money.

(At the moment, the only INGLOT store I know of is at Sunway Pyramid. If you know of INGLOT stores anywhere else in Malaysia, do let me know in the comments!)


Annette said...

Ah, this post is just evil. Syen is evil. You guys are waving a temptation in front of a recovering taupe fiend who has a SHAMELESS amount of taupe shades under the sun. Ahhhh!! *runs away*

Kahani said...

Annette... so I should hold off on that L'oreal Infallible Bronze Taupe post then?

Syen said...

Annette: Haha. Sorry, we're not very good at trying to make people not-buy stuff. Unless it's stuff we really think is not worth your buck.

Fellow taupe fiend, embrace yourself. You are who you are. *cackles away*

Kahani: Get it out already, will you? I want to see it! =P

Luthien said...

Greetings from up North - there's another INGLOT store in Queensbay mall, Penang! ;)

Syen said...

Luthiens: Greetings! Awesome news! Thanks for the heads-up. =)

Annette said...

Hahaha... it's inevitable, isn't it? I do love the fact that you guys post stuffs you truly feel is worth it in terms of quality and price. Keep it up! ;)

Kahani said...

Thanks Annette!

Syen bought me an Inglot palette for my birthday/christmas pressie and I loooove it. Will review it once I have the guts to lever the palettes out of their magnetic base and see what shades I'm slapping on.