July 01, 2011

The Sleek Storm palette is Divine. Truly.

It seems that we've been a little short on colour on this blog of late. But that'll be fixed today.

With the Sleek Storm i-Divine Palette. And I truly, truly think it IS divine. Oh yes, indeed.

(Pic heavy post!)

I finally got my hands on some Sleek products back in April, including this gorgeous palette. And after playing with it for a while now, I'm finally ready to review it.

Sleek has developed a bit of a reputation for making fantastic palettes for cheap. And this one here is no exception. The colours in this palette are beautiful, and if a basic neutral palette is what you're looking for, you might need to look no further.

This palette comes in 12-shades - gold, brown, champagne pink, burgundy, blue, green and charcoal black - this palette has them all. And that makes for a pretty damn versatile palette, if you ask me. It'll take you from a basic day-look to a smoky-eye in a jiffy, no problemo.

(Taken with bounced flash. Click to enlarge.)

(Taken with direct flash. Click to enlarge.)

Most shades here are shimmery, except for three - a nude, brown and the charcoal black. I do love me some shimmer. Texture-wise they are all buttery smooth and unbelievably pigmented. Gorgeous, really gorgeous.

Imagine the palette in four quarters, and below are the corresponding swatches. Sleek doesn't name the individual shades, so please bear with my attempt at describing the colours.

(Top-left quarter: Gold, champagne, nude)

(Top-right quarter: Antique gold, champagne pink, burgundy)

(Bottom-left quarter: Shimmery brown, greyish-blue, deep green)

(Bottom-right quarter: Royal blue, matte brown, charcoal black)

My palette came from the UK. Superdrug to be precise. And for £6.49, I can hardly complain about the price, can I?

Another thing I really like about this palette is the fact that it's quite compact, which makes it really perfect as a little travel companion. I can even possibly imagine myself travelling with only this palette, and still be quite happy.

(Compared with the Inglot 10-pan palette above, and Urban Decay's Naked palette below, you can see how much smaller Sleek's palette is.)

In conclusion, the eyeshadows are fantastic, the shades are good, and it comes packed in a sleek little case. And oh, the price is fantastic. Do I love it?

Oh yes, I DO love it. Truly.

PS: I'm a little bugged though, that we don't have it in Malaysia. But I believe Sleek ships here.

PPS: If you're wondering how this compares to that notorious Naked palette, I'd say it's a great alternative. I wouldn't call it a dupe, exactly. But at a fraction of the price, I wouldn't go cracking my head.


l y n said...

I've been eyeing several of these Sleek palettes for a while and agree that they really value for money! I haven't tried them personally but from what I gather around the beauty blogosphere, they are pretty good.

xin said...

with that price and the selection of colors,i wouldn't even blink to think twice!

Paris B said...

Sleek palettes are notoriously hard to find even in store! I went to about 3 Superdrugs before giving up when I was there. They do ship internationally. Perhaps we should all gang up for an order :P

Eli said...

Ooh, the prettiness! I wouldn't mind ganging up for an order meself.

How were the blushes?

Syen said...

lyn: Oh yes, they are!

xin: Now that I've gotten one palette, I'm eyeing MORE! *tee hee*

Paris: My bestie helped me pick it up there, so I have no idea which Superdrug she got it from. She did have to run around a few though. I definitely wouldn't mind a gang-order! =D And I think Kahani's eyeing one too. LOL.

Eli: I haven't tried out the blushes as much, but the ones I did manage to play with were pretty good too. If we have a gang-order we'll include you, k?

Askmewhats said...

I own a SLEEK palette which I won from Cosmetic-Candy! Gosh i love the pigmentation! All the shades in the palette are super smooth and pigmented! I love it! I'll check if they ship to PI too?

Lavender said...

Heard raves about Sleek but too bad it is not sold here. I seldom shop online. Thanks for the swatches.

LoveThyBrother said...

The newer sleek palettes do have the shades named...and i love them as well :) Storm is a must-have if you can get your hands on it! And sleek Blushes are amazing as well...

Syen said...

Nikki: Oooh! Which do you have Nikki?

Lavender: Too bad indeed. But one can always hope. Ah well.

LoveThyBrother: Thanks for the info, I didn't know they had started naming the individual shades in the newer palettes. I'll be reviewing the blushes eventually, after I get to know them better. =)

Lynne said...

I own 2 Sleek eyeshadow palettes (Bad Girl and Sunset) + 3 blushes and they are probably the most value-for-money makeup items I own. Love love love! I think I regret not ordering this palette the moment I received my order in the mail!

domncroxd said...

uh - oh, better hope ksuan doesn't see this post. she's been wanting this for a while. great post :)