November 06, 2009

Get Down Boy!

Oh the thoughts that run through the mind. I know what you're thinking. And don't even try to lie. *tee hee*

If there was ever a blush designed to get you at 'Hello', this my dear friends, would be it. Meet the Balm's Down Boy blush.

The latest (I think) to join my (already bursting) collection of blushers, this one has definitely wiggled its way up to the top of the well-loved and frequently-used list, to join the likes of MAC Pinch O' Peach, Springsheen, and Cargo Blu_ray. Purchased a month back or so (from Sasa Selective in 1 Utama), this finely milled blush is almost my go-to now when I'm in the mood for pink.

(It appears cooler in the photo than in person.)

The wonder of it is that it's neither precisely warm, nor precisely cool. It somehow manages to just straddle itself on the fence of being a gorgeous neutral pink. To me, anyway. So pair it with the lippie of your choice, and I'm sure it'll slide either way just fine. *winks*

Devoid of shimmer, it manages to perk up a pale complexion and gives you a healthy pink flush. For my NC25/30 skin, two swipes is all I need for a gorgeous glow which lasts a good decent couple of hours. You know, blushed without screaming blush.

It reminds me of very much of Dandelion, but better. Why? Because this actually shows up on my skin. Perfect.

Packed nicely in a practical, slim cardboard body, it comes complete with a mirror too, which makes it perfect to be toted around for touch-ups. And the wide pan makes is really easy to pick up the blush evenly. Benefit could definitely learn a thing or two here.

At RM65 for a (huge) pan of 9.9g, I'd say it's priced midway. Not a cheapie, but not quite high up there either.

So. You gonna get Down Boy? *grin*


Unknown said...

Down Boy looks really neat. That it's shimmer-less is a huge plus for hamster-cheek girls like me.
I need to check where I might get the Balm products!

Jenn said...

Gotta love the cheeky name ya! ;) Just gotta make sure not to let my mum see this one... she once asked me what is the name of my NARS Deep Throat blush! *sweats* ahaha! :P

This color looks so pretty on you!! :D :D

Connie De Alwis said...

hehehe.... the name's too fab ;) ahhhh! pink's not really my color. I wonder if they have a peachy alternative...

Kahani said...

Eee.. so pretty pic, Syen! I'm all about the cheeky names! Pink I have plenty, cute names? Never enough dahling....

Connie: That would be Hot MAMMA! =P

AskMeWhats said...

:) love your blush!!!!! I've never seen this down here but you look too cute on your last photo!

Paris B said...

Woot Gorgeous color! I have Hot Mama from theBalm given by a friend a while ago. Its a peachy shade - I'll review it soon since its here haha

Eli said...

The shade looks great on you! And you definitely rockin' the cheeky vibe in that pic.

Ida said...

Haha. Love their blush names and packaging! The color of Down Boy looks nice. I've been lemming for their Cabana Boy blush! :)

Syen said...

CucumPear: Hey girl! Was checking where you were just in case I could help, but uhh.. sorry. No idea where you can find it in Austria. =P Good luck!

Jenn: LOL. Thanks! =)

Connie: As Kahani said, Hot Mama dah-ling! But that one's shimmery though. It's a Nars look-a-like.

Kahani: Enjoy yours dearie! =P

Nikki: Thanks! =)

Paris: Would love to hear your take on this one now! =P

Eli: Tee hee.. *cheeky grin*

Ida: Hello! I initially wanted to get Cabana Boy. It even swatched well. But when I tried it on my cheeks it was just too dark for me. So I got Down Boy instead. Hope Cabana Boy works for you! =)

~Lisa said...

Haha! I love the name! Your complexion looks great in that photo! I hate it when it's obvious that blush has been used...but I dont think I've ever seen this blush before...*sad*

rinnah said...

The name of this blush is oh-so-cute! I need to go swatch this later.. hehe..