July 16, 2008

My Favourite Things: Silky Girl Smokey Sparks Duo

I don't know if I've said this before, but I really, really love this Silky Girl Smokey Sparks eyeshadow duo. I've shown you girls what it looks on me here and here, but I just realised that I've never actually properly introduced you girls to this little gem of mine.

At less than RM15 a pop, they're definitely very affordable, but at the same time they work so well! You'd never think they were so cheap!

The duo comes in a light silver shade, and a medium grey shade (which appears blue-er in picture than it does in person). Both shade some with a shimmer finish, which suits me just fine.

Silky Girl was formally known as Wet n' Wild, and it was later rebranded as Silky Girl. But these duos have remained pretty much the same in terms of packaging, which as you can see, come in a little transparent case.

I first got them a few years back when I was first getting started on makeup, and Kahani said this duo could give me a nice simple fail-proof light smokey eye. They sure did.

I've sinced used it for day or night, and they never fail to deliver, again and again. For day, I could just use it on its own for a light grey eye. Or mix it with them with H & M Skydiver for a bit of a variety, they blend really well to create lovely blue-grey eye.

And for night, add a darker grey, or even a charcoal shade, to vamp it up with eyeliner to create a mean smokey eye. I've done it several times for dinners, and I hope to be able to share that look with you girls one day.

Pigment wise, it's pigmented enough so the colour can be easily picked up by my brushes. Why I specifically mention this is because I've tried several low-end eyeshadows which had such poor colour pay-off that nothing save my fingers could get the colour to even show on my lids. But not so with this baby. And it blends like a dream too.

By the way, I tossed the little sponge applicator that came with it. Use your own brushes, or your fingers, if you're a finger person.

As for lasting power, applied with my Benefit F.Y. Eye primer, they've lasted me an entire day at work. Or if I do a smokey eye for dinner, it's lasted well into the night, so not to worry. On their own, they might not last as long, but for the amount you're paying, I really wouldn't be complaining too much. At any rate, I'd recommend using a primer to go with it.

Whenever I'm travelling, chances are you'll find this 2.8gm duo nicely tucked in my makeup bag, since they're pretty versatile. And the amazing thing is after using them for so long, there's still hardly a dent in them!

Even after being exposed to great brands like Bobbi Brown and MAC, my little Smokey Sparks still has a very special place in my heart. And in my makeup bag. =P

Talk about a winner!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, my experience with the brand has been negative -- I bought foundation from them once, and it irritated my skin so badly I threw it away.

Kahani said...

Hi k. I wouldn't try the foundation myself! But this eyeshadow is well-known as being a great and versatile duo. If you're looking for silver eyeshadow, or one to create a smokey eye, you should give this one a try. I break out easily too, but have had no problems with this product. =)

Tine said...

Kudos to Silkygirl for making the Smokey Sparks. Of all the eyeshadows I have, including the freakin' expensive ones, this is still the best in terms of smokey eyes for me. And so cheap!

Kahani said...

LOL i feel so like some proud matchmaker/agent for:
1. Having introduced Syen to it
2. Having convinced Syen of its wonderfulness via a makeover
3. Having discovered it way back when it was still Wet N Wild

*struts around*

Syen said...


K: I agree with Kahani. I wouldn't try their foundation either. But this duo has never given me any probs. =)

Tine: Yea, this is almost always my go-to as a smokey eye base. Long Live Smokey Sparks!!! =P

Kahani: Yes, yes, strut around. You can claim matchmaker right for this one. LOL.

Petra said...

Excellent. Wet N Wild does not test on animals! *pleased* Btw, a friend bought this a day after reading your review. Yay!