January 08, 2009

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 16Hr Foundation

To sum up, this is would be an awesome foundation if it didn't break me out! *sighs*

After reading rave reviews of this foundation on MUA, I had to have it. Learning it wasn't yet available in Malaysia, I immediately got a friend who was travelling in the UK to pick up a tube for me (£6). The first day I used it, I feel in love! It evened out everything, even smoothing over the uneven surfaces of my skin, it looked natural, and it lasted and lasted. I oiled up, but this foundation didn't let it show. I was rather amazed at how soaked my blotter was because I sure as heck didn't look it.

I bought this in Soft Beige Shade 200, it was a great match but a little pink. Like most silicone-based foundations it smooths on better with a foundation brush than it does with your fingers. It feels rather thick when applying, and will remain tacky to the touch until you set it with powder. But once set it STAYS.

Coverage, as mentioned earlier, is full and amazing. Natural looking, non-cakey, yet heavy enough so you can skip the concealer!

Oh and for girls who are wary of perfumed laden products, it does have a rather strong perfumey scent. So that may be a drawback for you.

I don't know if it lasts 16 hours, but it lasts. Through sweat, through rain, through SWIMMING it lasts. And it looks fresh and lovely the entire time!

Now for the tragic bit. Like most silicone-heavy foundations, it broke me out. Not badly and not immediately. After two days of use I started getting some white heads that went away with exfoliation and treatment. But 3-4 days of continuous use and the small pimples started appearing everywhere. I quit and went back to my trusty ZA 2-Way and Concealer till things calmed down. After 4 days I'm mostly back to normal, so I'm not too angsty.

I can't tell you how MUCH I wanted this wonderful stuff to work for me. If you're not overly sensitive to large amounts of dimethicone, then do give it a whirl. It's pricepoint is low and this is a superior product. For me, I'll still keep this around for days when I need to go from work to partying late into the night. I can mask and scrub like mad the day after. =P


Askmewhats said...

Kahani dear, you are the 2nd reviewer I've read who raves about this product you got me super interested. Now...List..

1. MAC blushes
2. Rimmel Foundation.


Jenn said...

This foundation sounds good!! Anything that can last through a swimming session is good for me!! hehehe!!

However like you, silicony stuff tends to break me out!! >.<

kahani said...

Nikki: Ooh you're so lucky if you can use this and it doesn't break you out! *sighs* I wanna be dimethicone friendly! *pouts*

Jenn: Sisters in misery, yo! But yes it even lasts through a swim. *sighs*

Syen said...

Nikki: MAC blushers in the list? I see progress. LOL. =P