February 09, 2009

(Updated!) Monday's Beauty Bits

Update: How is it at all possible that I have gone this long without learning of Paula's Choice being available in MALAYSIA? And even better, they currently have a Valentines promotion featuring 40% off all makeup items! I've bought a tube of Barely There Matte Tint for RM57 and some skincare samples at RM5 each. Thanks Tine! (Warning: Shipping is a tad expensive at RM15)

It's taken many
years and many brushes, but at last the penny has dropped. I shall only stick to SMALL eye brushes from now onwards. Small eyes = small brushes. *sighs*

I have gotten threading down pat! The idea is to go slowly and conservatively, and not get impatient and remove an entire very large triangle of hair. This is also great for the area above your lips by the way.

I've finally encountered a product that really does apply better with my fingers than with any brush I possess. Benefit's Boi-ing concealer goes on sheerly unless I use my fingers to emusify it. Then it goes on bee-youu-teee-fuully and conceales absolutely. Having said that I still use my foundation brush to pat it in and blend it out. ; )

Two more to go...

I found a way to make the beloved mask (Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack) work even better. I find its efficacy and ability to rid me of pimples is increased if I exfoliate my face first. It doesn't have to be a power buffer, even something mild like Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub does the trick.

For a less powdery finish to my Za 2-Way Foundation, I spritz some water (Evian in this case) on the sponge, let it sink in, and then pat the damp sponge gently over my face. It gives it a really natural, slightly glowy finish.


Askmewhats said...

I do the spritzing too after patting on a powder foundation :) Wonderful tips and Monday Bits :) happy week!!! :)

kahani said...

Hey Nikki, aww thanks for the sweet wishes.

I did the spritzing too. But I found wetting the sponge and using it to press the foundation into the skin produced the best finish of all!