March 06, 2009

Cafe Me Likey!

A while back, when I posted about my first NYX haul, a reader, Engmin asked if I could do a post showing how to use the NYX Mosaic Powder in Cafe.

Of course I can! =)

Many apologies it's taken a little while, but here it is!

Although it does look rather dark and foreboding in the pan, I'm pleased to announce that it's actually one very friendly bronzer. Instead of giving you streaks of brown, this one is actually gives you more of a golden glow. Which is just lovely.

Here, I've applied only some foundation and powder, before I dust on any bronzer or blush. As you can see, my skin looks somewhat sallow and pale.

So the next step is to use a nice fluffy brush, like say this Coastal Scents one, and lightly dust Cafe on. Just smile, and dust dust dust on your cheeks. Like how you would apply your blush. I like to have the brush go over the area again in a circular buffing manner too. As I didn't find Cafe very pigmented, I could apply up to about three swipes.

Also, after dusting on your cheeks, just lightly go over your forehead and the bridge of your nose, where the sun would hit your face. It'll perk up your complexion in no time.

As you can see here, my complexion seems to have brightened a little. And as you should also be able to see, even after three swipes, it still looks very natural. So don't worry about adding a little more of that Mosaic Powder. You won't end up looking like you fell in the mudpond, promise!

And to finish up the simple look, I just added a wee bit of Bobbi Brown's Nectar blush to the apples of my cheeks. Add lipbalm, and voila! Done!

Oooh, just a little note that I love to use my EcoTools blush brush for bright pigmented blushers. It seems to pick up less pigment and diffuses it nicely over the cheek area for a quick and no-fuss blush application. LOVE!

Easy peasy right? If you don't have Nectar, any bright pink, peach or coral blush should do as well.

Hope this was helpful, Engmin. Do let me know if you've rocked it! =)


Tine said...

This should be good in contouring the cheekbones too? I can see it on your picture :)

PS: I LOVE the Ecotools blush brush too!

prettybeautiful said...

agree with tine, your cheekbones look immediately lifted up

Jenn said...

ahhhh, the bronzer looks so lovely on you!! I like how subtle it is!! :D

心。葵 @ plue said...

you look good! really!

now i am thinking shud i get latte or cafe now... >_<

Engmin said...

Woot! Thanks for the tut, Syen!!!

Cafe really brightened up your complexion! You look good with it =)

gio said...

The bronzer looks great on you! It's so subtle and really brightened up your complexion.

Eli said...

So pretty lah you. Was going back forth through all the pics with a magnifying glass to try and figure out the very, very subtle differences.

Syen said...

Hi girls! Sorry for the late replies. Now that wedding prep has kicked in full swing, there's no such thing as off days anymore. =(


Tine: Contouring yes but I think it's very very mild. Which is a good thing, no? =) Yay on the brush! *high fives*

prettybeautiful: Thanks! I can definitely say it's brightened up my complexion in a jiffy. =)

Jenn & gio: Oh yes, it's very subtle, which is absolutely great by me. =)

Plue: I can't comment on Latte since I don't have it. But Cafe's really good.

So... which you gonna get? *tempt tempt* =P

Engmin: No worries babe. Have you tried it? =)

Eli: Helloooo you. Ermm.. I found that, depending on the monitor, it can be harder or easier to tell the difference. I took a peep on this post on my bro's Dell notebook and it didn't look much different. Hmm... =P