September 13, 2010

Monday's Beauty Bits: Great Online Stores

Hi dearies, I realise I'm not that much of a beauty bits person. Hence today, I'll be skirting the issue and sharing with you some of the online stores I've shopped in before, whose services were satisfactory enough for me to recommend to you.

This post is done based entirely on my personal shopping experience, and they are beauty related, which is why I'm uhh.. sharing this with you anyway. Here goes:

1. Kiss & Makeup NY - I made my first purchase here a month or so back for some NARS products, including powder blush and eyeshadow duos, and I was happy that the package arrived at my doorstep within about 2 weeks. Packaging was well padded and all products arrived intact.

2. The Makeup Mix Shop - Some of my Ecotools and ELF Studio products were purchased here. Toma, who runs the site, is one lovely, lovely lady who throws in extras for you to try too!

3. Cherry Culture - I've bought NYX stuff here several times and the my products have always arrived in tip top condition. I've heard that some might have had some negative experiences shopping here, but fortunately, I've never had to. The only problem previously was that Cherry Culture did not ship to Malaysia, but alas, that has been fixed. They now do. *winks*

4. Silk Naturals - Kahani's makeup fairy godmother lives at Silk Naturals HQ, and we've been making heaps of purchases from her. If you're keen to try out mineral makeup, but don't know where to start, SN might not be a bad place to look. This lady is real lovely, and wish hard enough for a shade or a dupe, and she might just make it for you.

5. Lugmax - Not sure if I've posted on this before, but Lugmax is a Filipino based company selling reasonably-priced bag organisers. They are very professional, and products arrived in excellent condition within several days of making the purchase. Only one little gripe though - they only accept payment through Western Union. Which they accepted Paypal as well, which would make things so much more convenient. That aside, I'd still recommend them! And oh, shipping fee is already included in the product price, so you don't pay extra for shipping.

6. Book Depository UK - Not makeup, but this is a pretty excellent find for another love of mine... books! Books that are hard to find here in Malaysia, chances are, you can find it here. While it's not exactly cheap (what with the converting and all), but all things considered, it doesn't cost all that much either. Especially since shipping worldwide is free (you read me right), and books do weigh a tonne. Especially if you're buying five at a go like I did. And. Who's stopping you from buying beauty books?

Any more sites you'd recommend for online beauty shopping? Do share!

Happy Monday ya'll! Shop happy!

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Stavroula said...

Great post! I love online shopping!! :)