August 31, 2012

INGLOT: The 4-pan is a travel wonder!

Hey there,

To all our Malaysian lovelies, Selamat Hari Merdeka (Happy Independence Day)!!!

It's Malaysia's 55th Independence Day, and I hope you guys are enjoying the day off. And since you're here, I'd like to share a review with you lovelies + a little question.

Meet my INGLOT 4-pan eyeshadow, which I had purchased some weeks back.

Everytime I'm in INGLOT, I feel like I'm a little girl in a candy store. Allthosegorgeouseyeshadows! *grin*

Anyhow, following ParisB's idea, I decided to create a little 4-pan eyeshadow for myself with travel in mind. I already have a 10-pan palette, but there were a few more shades I had been eyeing. And her suggestion of using a pink matte eyeshadow shade as a blush is just brilliant!

So that's exactly what I did. I got the shades I'd been lemming and decided to test out a few pinks which would best suit me for blush. And this is the combination I came up with.

(Clockwise, from bottom left: Pearl #433, Pearl #402, Pearl #454 and Matte #361 for blush.)

I also noted something else. When Kahani picked her palette sometime last year (or was it earlier this year?), she went with the 3-pan eyeshadow + blush palette, but it was a coordinated palette - dark brown + medium taupe/brown shade + highlighter.

But me... Most days, I'm a mostly single-eyeshadow wash girl, swipe on my liner, and I'm out of the door. Hence, the three shades in this palette are meant to work as single-wash shades. These three are essentially my "staple" colours - an olive green, a brown taupe, and a silver that has just a hint of brown in it. If I'm in the mood, I can still blend two of the colours for a look with a little more depth. Not the most convential palette, but it works for me!

I've packed this for a recent short trip and this palette performed incredibly well. I'm very impressed. And very in love.

The packaging is sturdy, and the magnet really holds the cover in place. I have had no issues chucking this into my makeup bag along with my other makeup. It's held up extremely well, and I love how compact it is.

I also love the fact that I can easily swap the colours around (with those from my 10-pan), if I feel like having a change for travel. I could also easily swap out the pink for a dark brown or a dark grey, if I want it more intense for a night-look.

(From left: Pearl #433, Pearl #402, Pearl #454 and Matte #361. With bounced flash in the top photo, and direct flash in the bottom photo.)

Aren't the shades just gorgeous? They swatched so easily too.

As far as I'm concerned, INGLOT makes excellent quality eyeshadows. I personally love their Pearl range. Their eyeshadows are very pigmented, texture buttery smooth, and when I use it as a wash over a base like this one here, it stays put the entire day. If it's a very long day, it might crease just a wee bit.

As for the matte #361, the texture is soft, and it works fine as a blush. The warm pink compliments my skin tone.

The 4-pan costs RM28, while each eyeshadow costs RM30, which makes my palette RM148. Not a bad price at all for such high quality shadows. I simply cannot rave enough about them.

Conclusion. I absolutely adore my little 4-pan. Make that all my INGLOT eyeshadows. LOVE.

And now, question time: Are you a single-wash girl too? Would you go for such a palette arrangement?


Michelle said...

I am most DEFINITELY a single wash kind of girl! I love the ease of a beautiful color that is easily applied. I have to remember to get myself a Freedom palette so my Inglot singles aren't banging around in my makeup drawer.

Michelle said...

Also, as my husband's family is from Malaysia, we wish you all Selamat Hari Merdeka!!!

Kahani said...

Actually I have to admit that I'm turning into a one-shade wash girl for the shimmer mid-toned shades.
I think the "multidimensionalness" of the eyeshadows lets us do that now. Am considering picking up two more one-shade pans for my palette when I get home. ^_^

Askmewhats said...

Inglot!!! I'm quite excited for the brand to be available in our country. Heard it from a grapevine they're coming over! :) I am crossing my fingers :D

Syen said...

Michelle: Hi there! Yes, I think you won't regretting getting the Freedom palette. =P

Kahani: Tee hee.

Nikki: Oooh. Hope they get there soon! I think you'll love it! =)