May 11, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits: Kahani's Beauty Profile

Hey Ladies,

I thought just for the record it would help blog readers if you had a better idea of our respective skin-types and have a reference of what colours, ingredients do and don't work for us.

I'll be linking the profiles as they're posted to the "About Me" section of the blog. If you'd like to know anything that hasn't been mentioned, please feel free to ask.


Kahani's Beauty Profile

Skin type: Very Oily, Blemished
Main problems: Excessive oil, pimple-prone, clogged pores around and on the nose
No-no ingredients: Shea Butter, Dimethicone, Jojoba Oil (all cause breakouts)
HG ingredients: Aloe Vera, Salicylic Acid, Witch Hazel, Neem, Kaolin Clay, Silica
Favourite scents: Pink Grapefruit, Berries, Amazing Grace by Philosophy, Peppermint

Cleanser: Johnson & Johnson's Head to ToeClinique Clarifying Lotion #3
Eye & Lip Makeup Remover: Etude House Lip & Eye Remover, L'Oreal Lip & Eye Makeup Remover
Scrub: Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub
Mask: Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack
Serum: Murad Exfoliating Blemish Treatment Gel
Treatment: Differin, Benzac 2.5%
Moisturiser (Day & Night): ~H2O+ Face Oasis 
Facial Sunscreen: Still Looking...
Neck & Decolletage: Clean & Clear Clear Fairness with SPF15

Foundations: Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation in Warm Ivory, Everyday Minerals Matte Foundation in Light, ZA 2-Way Foundation in 22Beauty Blender Sponge

Concealer: theBalm Time Balm Concealer
Favourite blush colours are: Pinky, peachy (but not orange), mauve and red-based
Favourite eyeshadow colours are: Dark neutral brown (no red), Taupe, Gunmetal Grey, Purple, Olive Green, honey gold,


plue said...

Thanks for sharing!

Damn MAC SA gave me NC30 as my colour, blehhhhh~ It went orangy/grey/patchy/blotchy on me. LOL.

And I love the same kind of blush colour like you! :D

Kahani said...

Actually, with MAC foundies some oxidise so much that I'm matched to NC20 on them. Ish. Why can't they solve this problem?

Connie De Alwis said...

thanks for this! You can't use shea butter and jojoba? that sucks :(
I like salicylic acid :D
MAC select foundation oxidized on me :-/

plue said...

if that's the case, i stay away from MAC foundie. :P

i dun believe i can't get a good one that doesn't oxidizes!

Kahani said...

Connie: Shea butter on my face breaks me out. It was in Biotherm's Aquasource

Plue: If you read MUA it seems like they oxidise quite a bit.

Semi permanent makeup & Garage Door Installation whose comments I have deleted. If you think I can't spot spam, you're nuts.

plue said...

Le sigh. I read MUA, but hm, some swear by it, I guess they were lucky :(

Oh well, I spotted new foundie in the market, and am itching to try them! :P

mondayblue said...

oh, i used b.liv sebum gel too (off with those heads) and i must say their moisturizer is excellent 'quench me'